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The Book of Anointing

The Book of Anointing is a spiritual journey into the rebellious art of sacred anointing. This art has been with us for thousands of years and has touched the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity. The anointers of the ancient world were wisdom- keepers and knew the power of essential oils to consecrate, heal, and awaken the soul. Cynthia Olivera’s book brings you into the sacred art of anointing as an Act of Love in the modern world, fine- tuning the connection with your divine self and the devic world of Mother nature. Understanding of

the deep and penetrating wisdom of the essences will immeasurably benefit your journey ahead.

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Voices of Light, Voices of Love

Has a plant or tree ever spoken to you, or moved you to a deep place of self-knowing?  Voices of Light, Voices of Love shares the transformational experiences of Wisdom of the Earth students as they journeyed with an essential oil of their choice as part of the Level I certification process. You will laugh, shed tears and be inspired as you travel with them into the heart of Mother Earth via her essences. The students have been forever changed by their experiences... and our hope is that you will be, too.


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